How Can I Save Money on My Energy Bill When It’s Hot?

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How Can I Save Money on My Energy Bill When It’s Hot?

Paying to stay cool in the summer can be a wakeup call about energy efficiency problems in your home.
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Energy efficiency is often discussed as a popular goal among homeowners, but is it all just smoke and mirrors? We all want to know the secret of keeping costs down. Blowing hot air about implementing green habits and upgrading outdated equipment is just a waste of time if you don’t plan to follow through. The best way to achieve energy efficiency in your home is to take action.

You can’t make any moves if you don’t identify the source of the problem. Your energy bill spikes in the summer and you want to keep it low. Is your system outdated and using tons of energy to do the bare minimum of work? Or is your family the culprit?

Many people don’t realize the power they have to control their utility bill, and so they never accept agency to change their behavior. Before you invest in brand new equipment, make sure you are following some of these golden rules of summer coolness:

Make sure you are staying insulated. This means you stay actively aware of closing windows, not leaving the front door open when you unload groceries or walk out to check the mail. Letting conditioned air escape is like letting cash fly out with the breeze.

Pull the shades during the day. Don’t let the afternoon sun bake the interior of your home and heat up the spaces you are trying to keep cool.

Don’t use the over or stove as often as you might in cooler seasons. These appliances will just make it harder for your HVAC unit to maintain temperature control.

If you are tired of outrageous utility bills when the summer months heat up, you have options. Click here or call 615-431-8095 to contact our energy efficiency experts at MJ Frick to learn how you can stay cool without breaking the bank.

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