Do Low-Flow Toilets Work as Well as Regular Ones?

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Do Low-Flow Toilets Work as Well as Regular Ones?

Environmental friendliness alone does not make for a comfortable bathroom.

We’d all like to conserve more water in our homes, but we don’t want to sacrifice a perfectly functional bathroom throne just for the sake of environmental friendliness. When making appliance updates to your bathroom, it’s essential to research the efficiency of new products before investing.

Here are some product details to help you in your search:

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My Kingdom for a Toilet!
The low-flow model of toilet has been through so many redesigns in the last decade that they finally have it down to a science – literally. In the early 1990s, the EPA mandated that all toilets use no more than one and a half gallons of water every time someone flushed. This seems reasonable, since previous toilet models had every flush wasting upwards of 7 gallons!

Cost Evaluation
It took manufacturers a while to get the model right, but nowadays there is really no excuse for using an outdated toilet. It’s extremely wasteful and getting a more eco-friendly model doesn’t change your bathroom experience in any way! Not to mention that the price difference is so trivial because the low-flow design option has been around for so long it’s practically standard.

Dual-Flush Options
If you want to get really fancy, some models of toilet provide two flushing options – one for solid waste and one for liquid. These toilets use even less water than the high efficiency options. Any of these is better than an outdated regular model. You are probably wasting thousands of gallons every year on flushing, so stop living in the past and get a low-flow toilet.

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