How Can I Conserve Water in My Home?

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How Can I Conserve Water in My Home?

With environmental friendliness becoming a bigger priority to many homeowners, focusing on water conservation is important.

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When you think about environmental friendliness in your home, there are probably quite a few priorities that jump to your mind before water conservation. But water production requires energy, and clean water is a highly precious commodity to many people all over the world. Making water conservation part of your home efficiency plan will slash expenses and help you live a less wasteful lifestyle.

Indoor and Outdoor

Water consumption takes place in many different areas in and around your home. Off the top of your head, you can probably only name a few of the most obvious sources of water waste. Outdoor water use mostly comes from lawn work and gardening. Looking indoors, the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen take the cake in terms of output. Making changes to these systems will have the biggest impact on your water bill and show results.

Low-Flow Plumbing

Replacing wasteful fixtures with updated low-flow plumbing appliances is a one-time measure that will save money over time. Many homes are outfitted with inherently wasteful appliance systems, and just by flushing the toilet or doing the dishes you are wasting water. Toilets, showers, and faucets combined are responsible for two-thirds of indoor water usage, so getting a low-flush toilet or a low-flow shower head is a top priority for homeowners looking to cut water costs.

Mindful Habits

Another good tactic for reducing water waste is informing residents about the ramifications of their actions, such as long showers, or leaving the faucets running during kitchen prep or nighttime routines. These kinds of wasteful habits on a daily basis can add up, but making a focused effort to use less water can have an impact on your water consumption as well.

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